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Lakewood Animal Health Center is happy to link to veterinarypartner.vin.com for a full array of information regarding pet health and behavior.

In addition, we have materials in-house which we can provide you on your visit.

Care for Your Senior Dog or Cat -- Your pet is considered a "senior" at the age of seven, or earlier for some large breeds of dogs. As the aging process occurs you will find yourself with a pet who has different medical and home care needs.

Feline Heartworms -- Feline heartworms(HWs) are a parasite more commonly thought of in dogs but has been seen with an increased frequency in this areaís cats. The regional prevalence parallels that in dogs but at a lower rate (roughly 5 to 20% that seen in dogs). While this parasite, which is spread by mosquitoes, affects outdoor cats more frequently, indoor cats are also at risk- accounting for up to 1/3 of diagnosed cases. Once established, the adult HWs live 2-3 years before being eliminated by the catís own immune system.

Tips for a Pet Safe Household -- Homes carry potential safety risks for pets. Read this article for tips on how to keep your household safe for your pets.

Introducing Therapeutic Diets in Cats -- It comes as no surprise to cat owners that cats do not like to be told what to do. There are many pitfalls to introducing a new food to a cat, especially a food designed to prevent or improve a specific condition or disease process.

Protect Your Pet -- Read this note from our clinic regarding various ways to protect your pet, ranging from flea and tick control to heartworm disease.

Dental Hygiene -- You've been taking care of your teeth and gums throughout your life, but have you been doing the same for your pet? Just like you, your pet needs dental care - regular, professional care from your veterinarian and effective daily home care from you are needed to keep your pet's mouth healthy.