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More about our Services...
Lakewood Animal Health Center is an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). We have undergone inspections by AAHA to ensure that we comply with the association's high quality standards of care. These standards cover nearly every aspect of our hospital, including surgery, pharmacy, laboratory, exam facilities, pet health records, cleanliness, emergency services, dental and nursing care, diagnostic imaging, and anethesiology.

Grooming and boarding are provided as a convenience to our clients. The boarding facility provides a quality environment with separate dog and cat housing and exercise areas.

Most animals will require surgery sometime in their lifetime. Our surgical care provides the highest standard of care within veterinary medicine. We recommend preanesthetic lab testing to evaluate kidney and liver function prior to surgery. It is suggested that all animals undergoing general anesthesia receive intravenous (IV) fluid support. This allows us to maintain blood pressure, administer drugs, and keep the animal hydrated throughout the day.

Our surgical suite consists of gas anesthetic machines, EKG, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitoring, and warm water circulating blanket. A veterinary technician and a veterinary assistant is assigned to each surgical patient to assist the doctor during anesthesia, surgery, and recovery. Post-operative pain management is incorporated into every surgical patientís treatment plan. The utmost care is taken to provide each patient with sterile, skilled, and compassionate surgery.

We provide full-service radiology and ultrasound services. Digital Radiographs can be taken while in the hospital or for an outpatient appointment. In addition to accidents or illness, we routinely offer hip screens or elbow screens to evaluate for early dysplasia. Radiographs can be submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals if breeding is considered.

Our diagnostic ultrasound provides us with advanced information regarding suspected disease. We can image the heart (echocardiogram) as well as all organs within the abdomen. Ultrasound imaging provides us with more detailed information than we can obtain from radiographs. Biopsies can be guided via ultrasound as an alternative to a surgical approach. Our doctors have received additional training in veterinary diagnostic ultrasound techniques.

Professional dental cleanings remove existing plaque and tartar that cause tooth and gum disease. Many people assume all animals have bad breath. Bad breath or halitosis is a sign of tooth and gum disease; which is often uncomfortable and painful. Our veterinary technicians and doctors, with the aid of general anesthesia, can perform ultrasonic cleaning and polishing that will keep your petís mouth in good health. We take digital dental radiographs, measure periodontal pockets, clean well under gum lines, and other dental therapies to help fight tooth and gum disease. Dental cleanings will require that your pet stay with us for the day. We believe the benefit to good oral health far outweighs the risk concerning anesthesia, age, and cost. Animals whose teeth are cleaned regularly (every 1 to 2 years) have a longer, happier, and healthier life. As a service to our existing patients, we offer complimentary dental exams when requested.

On occasion the doctor may feel it necessary to admit your pet to the hospital for further observation, treatment, or perhaps surgery. As pet lovers, we understand how anxious pet owners feel at leaving their pet in an unfamiliar environment. Whether the in-hospital procedure is simple or complex, we respond to your pet with skill and compassion. Every effort is made to help your pet feel comfortable and secure. Our investment in training and equipment means your pet will receive the best in veterinary medical care.

The doctor will call you once daily with your petís progress and will discuss any changes in treatment plan. In is our intention to honor estimates given prior to admission unless we receive permission for additional necessary procedures.

Visitation for animals hospitalized for extended periods is encouraged. There are remarkable changes seen in attitude and appetite when an owner visits their pet. Visitations work best during early afternoon hours but can be accommodated at any time.