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Other important services...
Lakewood Animal Health Center understands that caring for your pets extends beyond medicine and surgery and into the areas of behavior, weight control, and training. Below is a description of each of these services as offered at our clinic:

As animal lovers and pet owners ourselves, we have a passion for the way animals think and feel. There are many animal behaviors that are normal that human beings just donít understand. Our goal is to bridge that gap so that owners understand their animals better, and so animals know what their human families expect of them. Shaping a new puppy or kitten into a life long companion is one of our favorite discussions.

Most of our behavioral counseling occurs during puppy, kitten, and wellness visits. However if you encounter a problem, please feel free to call and discuss the problem with one of our experienced staff. If a problem is difficult and a pattern of behavior has developed, an appointment with the doctor will be recommended. If we feel the problem is beyond our basic knowledge, we will refer the pet/owner to a veterinary behavioral specialist.

Over the past decade nutrition has played a key role in the health and longevity of companion animals. Our goal with preventative health care is to catch a disease process early in its development.

Our primary response to early disease is nutritional intervention. Placing animals on therapeutic diets with ingredients and nutritional content to delay the progression or prevent a disease is our primary focus in treatment.

We partner with Hill's Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina to offer a variety of prescription diets to meet your pets individual needs. Our therapeutic diets are aimed at managing a variety of conditions such as: kidney disease, diabetes, food allergy, gastrointestinal issues, joint disease, urinary health and dental health. Our veterinarians will work with you to help direct what therapeutic diets might benefit your pet.

Our manufacturers stand behind their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If your pet refuses to eat a new food return any uneaten food or unopened cans in its original packaging for a full credit.